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Dental Clinic in Cambodia

Here's a short video from Phil Sussex giving us a glimpse of one of the rural dental clinics he is involved with. It was filmed particularly to thank those who donated towards clinic materials and equipment.

The newly revamped Monday and Wednesday clinics are working out really well as a good venue to help local people with their dental problems, as well as to train dental students and to encourage the four Christian students Phil is working with closely.

One thought on “Dental Clinic in Cambodia

  1. You did not give us any idea of what your patients look like! On the other hand you are an example of what I think we should be doing and encouraging others to do. For years we have sent teachers, clergy. medical people and the occasional engineer and carpenter to back up our evangelists but the flow of migrants risking their lives to get to countries where they believe they will be better treated than at home shows how much we have failed in sending people trained in business, trades and the great variety of modern skills that make our lives comfortable in developed countries. The Church has made a beginning, groups like VSA have developed, but people need to be challenged, trained and supported.

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