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Dianne’s Back

We check our teeth but not our back! Last October, during a typhoon I fell in a large drain. I looked like a runner at the blocks but half of my leg was in the drain! After the swelling and infection had gone, I started to feel a sciatic nerve problem in my back! But I left for Australia and NZ soon after that, and with four days here and five days there, I didn't have a chance to have it checked. I came back here to the Philippines early January, sought treatment, was sent to physio and it became worse. For our Big CBM 40th Anniversary, I took an inflammatory and got through it all well.

So I had an MRI scan. The MRI showed that I had a bulging disc at lumbar 4-5 with herniation or seepage on to the nerve. So very painful! My church had held an anointing meeting for all and I already believed that my miracle was coming! I also looked for a chiropractor. They are regarded as “quacks” here. Thank God for helping me find a very good chiropractor in Manila, for a 50% discount, for a house to stay in Manila for free, and for one of our past Children's Home boys who supplied a lot of my food! After 10 treatments my back condition made 30% improvement. He found that one leg was ½ inch longer than the other one. That had caused misalignments. He could not manoeuvre the disc. He suggested 2 operations would be needed and from his observation, as these operations are delicate and need precision technology, clients go to hospitals in Singapore or Hong Kong!

I decided to come back here to Hebron and trust God for my healing. I have many praying for me. One really painful night, my friends prayed for angels to protect. The pain went, and perhaps half-awake,  I saw an angel in my room! A friend gave me a semi-orthopaedic mattress and I have had an air-con installed. The Children's Home send me up meals and a retired friend comes to cleans and wash clothes.

I am improving. The pain is reducing and I can walk straighter each day. At present I walk like a duck! I managed in the local supermarket recently. I am expecting that by end of April I should be able to walk the whole length of the mall - the only cool place to walk!

I'm still asking for prayer for ALL the inflammation to go, for the spine to stabilize and for me to be able to walk straight. Like in the Book of Job in the Bible, its not so much about suffering as it's about faith to overcome! I thank everyone for your prayers.