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Disciples who make Disciples

When we started working with the 'Church of God' here in Tirana, there were no small discipleship groups within the church. In December I started one with the young couple leading the church plant (training the trainers), then soon after Féy started discipling a solo mum. Because Féy travels a lot, she asked two other women to join her so they could lead when she is away. In February I started a men's group (with men my age!), and just last month Féy was asked to lead another two women in a Bible study. In January the young couple, with whom I began with, started doing a Bible study with another couple in the church, and the pastor also started doing a Bible study with two small groups.

I know it sounds like a competition but we are so encouraged at seeing our 'influence' catch and ignite something so basic and simple, yet so life giving for a church. Groups have continued to form, and there  are now 10 small groups, with a total of 28 people studying the Bible most weeks. Some of those people are now beginning to serve in other areas of the church.

The leadership team don't have the time to begin more groups (they all work full time outside the church), so the next challenge is to develop the next level of leaders and to help them to understand that they can do what we are doing; making disciples. This is happening 'within' the church. What will happen when we all take this 'message' outside the church.  Please pray for this to happen.