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Edric on TV

Tomorrow (Friday November 14) Edric Baker, a NZCMS Associate in Bangladesh, will be interviewed by the Bangladesh television programme Ittyadi. This is one of the longest running TV programmes in the country and is regularly watched by 20–40 million people.

In a very nice gesture which recognises his selfless service to the people of Bangladesh, the government has bestowed Edric with Bangladeshi citizenship. A high official told Edric that legislation had been changed in order to make him a citizen!

Hanif Sanket, the Ittyadi host, wants to publicise this to his audience and draw attention to the work being carried out by the poor for the poor at Kailakuri.
It is expected that between five and seven minutes will go to air during which Edric will be asked to talk about Kailakuri and why he has worked there all of these years. Edric hopes to explain that his Christian belief is the driving force in his motivation.

Less than 1% of the Bangladesh population of 149 million is Christian.

Edric asks for your prayers that he might find the right words in front of the camera.