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Evangelism Course in Christchurch

For many of us, the word "evangelism" is overloaded with negative connotations. It may bring to mind pushy tactics, manipulation, TV preachers. Yet, it's pretty clear in Scripture that evangelism is important - after all, how can we not want to share the One who gave his life for us?

Laidlaw College in Christchurch recognizes this tension - that evangelism is important yet that it hasn't always be modelled well. That's why they are starting a new course in the second half of the year. It won't be so much about training how to 'do' evangelism as much as digging into the theology that motivates and influences the 'how.' This will be an evening course, Mondays 6-9pm. This means the course can be audited by anyone who is interested in exploring this important topic. Alistair Donaldson will be facilitating the course, but much of the training will be delivered by various people with a variety of experience and backgrounds.



Topic 1: Mission, evangelism and the Gospel
Lesson 1: What is evangelism?
Lesson 2: Mission and evangelism
Lesson 3: What is the Gospel?
Lesson 4: Proclaiming the Gospel today

Topic 2: The process of evangelism
Lesson 5: Divine action and human response
Lesson 6: A theology of conversion
Lesson 7: The call to discipleship

Topic 3: The church and evangelism
Lesson 8: Towards a theology of church and evangelism

Topic 4: Contextual issues in evangelism
Lesson 9: Post-Christian society
Lesson 10: Evangelism in a multi-faith society

Topic 5: Apologetics and values in evangelism
Lesson 11: Using apologetics in evangelism
Lesson 12: Values for respectful evangelism


If you're interested in this course or would like more information, please email Laidlaw College.