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Evening dental clinics

We're excited about a group of male dental students who responded to request to trial Saturday night church-based dental clinics east and north of Phnom Penh. Factory workers in Cambodia work long hours 6 days a week and are unable to access the care Phil has been offering during regular hours. The video is a short clip which Phil took at the new Saturday evening church clinic trial. It has been going really well so far but we would appreciate prayers for wise decisions to be made as this progresses.

The fear that his female dental students expressed about travelling at night was underlined last month when a 16 year old previous neighbour was stabbed in an attempt to take her bag from her as she rode her motorbike at 8pm only 100m from home. Her wounds were not life threatening and she is back at Hope school now. Please pray for her as she has to pass the place it happened every day and for her mother as they consider whether they should move house. Phil and Becky value your ongoing prayers for safety.

The prison work is going well each Wednesday. Please pray for Phil as he leads this team. Often there are different students each week so it takes time to train them all and get routines going. But, overall it has been very encouraging to have a good number of students who are committed to volunteering in this work and are keen to learn and gain experience. They are a mixture of Christian and non-Christian so please pray that the Christian students and dentists will have opportunities to share their faith and witness through their actions. The prisoners are very grateful for the treatment that they are receiving and the conversations that they are able to have while being treated.

The children and I are into the last 5 weeks of our school year so things are getting very busy. Please pray for us as we work our way through deadlines and towards farewells.

Lastly, but very importantly, the hot season is intense and the current drought situation is looking very serious. Drinking water is becoming very low in many areas and in some, it is simply running out. Animals and fish are dying as lakes and rivers are critically low. Here's an interesting article which gives details of the situation: Animals die as Cambodia is gripped by worst drought in decades. Please be praying for this whole situation!

2 thoughts on “Evening dental clinics

  1. As i read this news I felt that any troubles about anything that we have here in NZ are nothing compared to the conditions in Cambodia As I read I gave thanks to God for knowing about this horrific drought and that we can know about it and can pray for you and the people you love and care for with the good news of Jesus’ love God strengthen you with his mighty presence and keep you safe

  2. Phil

    Admire your dedication and the way you think outside the box.


    Jean and Ray

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