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Fiji update

Bula all!

Well I don't quite understand how this has happened but I'm writing this having just spent a month on Fijian soil. Wow time has flown! We're now two weeks into our first placement at Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral and have been extra blessed to be hosted by the Dean and his family. Change is in the air however with Kristy and I moving to new pastures this afternoon. We are still in the dark as to who our new host families actually are - what an adventure! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the move. On the one hand I'm really excited to experience Fiji from a new angle with the potential of gleaning some Solomon island or Indian perspectives on life. I'm looking forward to making more attempts at cooking Fijian style and hearing some life stories. Connecting and sharing life is such an important part of the culture here - it's rather special.

So yes, there's much to look forward to but at the same time it'll be sad to leave. It's amazing how much a part of a family you can feel in two weeks! I think it's definitely a tribute to how welcoming and inclusive the family is as opposed to anything we've done on our part. We've joined family devotion, learned the art of roti rolling, played multiple games of catch and I've had my hair done/pulled in multiple directions by the wee girl! It just dawned on us today that this is almost the first time for the whole year that us interns won't be living together. In fact I could probably count the nights not spent sharing a room with my Siamese twin (Kristy) on my fingers! I think we're all going to feel a bit lost without our intern buddies!

Something I've been learning is that God has a knack for leading us into the unfamiliar - new environments, unfamiliar worship styles, different ways of putting faith into action, strange names for the familiar (the other day I discovered that a baked bean toasted sandwich is actually a jaffle). I guess it's in the unfamiliar where we begin to realise that we don't have all the answers and there's a need to rely on something (or rather someone) other than ourselves. An uncomfortable thought! So as we go this afternoon, deeper into unfamiliar territory, I'm looking forward (if somewhat apprehensively) to the controls being once again wrenched from my grasp and surrendering this next stage to my God who sees things from a way bigger perspective than little old me. A God whose purposes are eternal and who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

Perhaps surrendering control isn't such a bad idea after all!