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Flexing in Kapuna

I continue to be humbled by the kindnesses and support I'm receiving here at Kapuna. One wet day, my students ran along in front of me dropping timber on the muddy track to the classroom so I wouldn’t slip over. The local people are incredibly supportive in prayer and encouragement.

Learning about the human body has been our science focus for Term 1. The class experience of putting into practise muscles contracting and
relaxing in pairs created a lot of laughter and competition between students. The test results gave me a few smiles. The jaw bone was labelled joe bone and the answer to the question ‘What organs do the ribs protect’ was ‘piss piss place,’ which is the term they use here for pee.

Pastor Mike Robb and his wife Ruth became good friends while they were here (they have since returned to Christchurch). Mike came to my rescue after I had locked my keys in the school and needed someone to climb into my house and get the spare ones. And yes, as some of you
told me, this is not the first time I needed this help.

Jude, my special student with physical disabilities, had a raging infection around the hip area which was also massively swollen. I visited him regularly in the hospital and prayed with the family. We missed him a lot, so when a student suggested we go to the hospital the next day and have our devotions there, everyone got excited. They usually sing quite loud, so I encouraged them to lower the volume, as Jude was still struggling with a headache and fever, but he smiled a lot and thanked them for coming. What a privilege to have the freedom to do that
here in Kapuna School. Jude is now back in school and maintaining good health.

I value your continued prayer support as you partner with me here at Kapuna.

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  1. Great to read how you are over there in PNG. You will be looking forward to coming back in July – we pray that all goes well getting home and back and the dental people can get things done for you. We are passed the shortest day now but know it will be cold for a few months more – not as cold as this time last year though.

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