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Flying out

I fly out on the 3rd September to set up my life in a new city, Gijon, Spain! The last 2 months I have spent time with friends as well as four churches around the South Island of New Zealand who are partnering with me. I have visited home groups, youth groups, homes, Sunday schools, church services, other groups and staff meetings. This time has made me realise even more that gospel work is a partnership and that God, in his goodness, has provided many people to partner with me from New Zealand and around the world. I praise God for people like you and that we have such a good and sovereign God!

If you are in Christchurch you are very welcome to join in my commissioning during the main morning church service at St Stephens Church, Shirley. There will be time for lunch together afterwards at the Palms Mall food court.

When: Sunday 31st, 10.30am at St Stephens Church
Where:Shirley Intermediate School Hall, corner North Parade and Shirley Road, Christchurch

Alternatively, I will be at the Coffee Culture Cafe, Rotherham Street, Riccarton, 3.30- 5pm this Sunday if you want to pop in for a farewell coffee.