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From the Editor (Issue 28)

Short-term mission. Though less than 60 years old, it’s become incredibly popular… and notoriously controversial. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on these trips each year, but is that justified? Do they produce any fruit? Do they cause more problems than they solve? Are they actually just a Christianised form of ‘voluntourism,’ a way to have a feel-good experience (often at someone else’s expense)?

In this issue of Intermission we’ll look at some of the inherent problems with the way short-term trips are often done. We’ll then offer some ideas about how you can avoid the pitfalls, creating short-term experiences that have
lasting value and which are mutually beneficial for those going and those receiving. It’s essentially a reflective commentary on two biblical themes – our call to go (e.g. Matthew 28:19) and our call to embody the ‘for-others
attitude’ of Jesus (e.g. Philippians 2:1-11).

We’ve framed this edition to not only be useful for general discussion groups, but also as a resource for NZCMS ‘Encounter Teams.’ Even so, the principles also apply for mission in our own backyards. So, regardless of whether you’re ‘going’ or ‘staying,’ we hope this will spark good conversation and inspire you to action.

Issue 28 of Intermission looks at the 'Paradox of Short-Term Missions.' Occasionally we'll highlight an article by including it in our weekly Interchange newsletter.

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One thought on “From the Editor (Issue 28)

  1. Having now been at the receiving end of two short-term vists and a crusade, maintaining the enthusiasm is a challenge. Also to continue to teach and build on the material presented seems to be key, so please when you visit, leave some resources and some further studies so we can build community around your departure.

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