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Global Christianity

This recent video of Dr Todd Johnson from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity gives a brief update about the state of the world and the global church. He also explains what the Center does and the resources they produce. No matter what mission and ministry God has called us to, having a good understanding of our global context helps shape and influence how we go about our mission locally - as well as helps us see where we, as the global church, are doing well, are struggling, or are failing. Research like this is therefore one of the most incredible gifts for us as God's global people.

The Center has just published a new infographic on 500 years of Protestantism, anticipating the many meetings this year commemorating the anniversary. They have also released the latest figures for global Christianity and world religions for 2017 here - something that they update every year.

In addition, the first in a ten-volume series on global Christianity from Edinburgh University Press is a about to be publication. Here’s the announcement. Significant discounts will be available this year via mail and at conferences.


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