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Golden Oldies to visit Fiji Cyclone villages

Last week we shared about the Golden Oldies Fiji trip coming up in August. (The original article can be seen here.) This year’s Golden Oldies will visit a remote village that had 27/31 houses destroyed in Cyclone Winston. The village is part of the Suva Cathedral Diocese, and the team will hear stories and discover ways they can partner with the church to restore village life there.

Golden Oldies Mission leaders Graeme and Jane Mitchell visited the area two-weeks ago as part of the planning for the August mission. “The devastation is as bad as it looks on TV, yet the people continue to praise God even in their adversity” commented Jane.

They also presented medical equipment to an over-stretched hospital the Golden Oldies support. This was a humbling experience, with people waiting for six hours for medical attention in ankle deep water.

For more information on August's Golden Oldies trip, including how to apply, click here.