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Haerenga 2015 and prayer

I'm convinced that if we researched it, we'd find a powerful story about answered prayer behind every story of personal salvation - and I'm certain that was the case in my life! In a similar way, I'm sure that pray has played a significant role in the major life decisions of Christians throughout the centuries. I'm humbled to think of all those who prayed for me when I decided to go into the 'mission field,' when I got engaged, when I was considering doing Bible College, when my wife and I moved to New Zealand.

Now, as we approach the end of the year, young Christians across the country are asking themselves (and God!) what they should do next year. High school students may be considering a gap-year. Uni graduates may be considering 'testing-out' cross-cultural mission. This is also the best time for people to consider and apply for our Haerenga Mission Internship.

We believe that we have developed an amazing, life-changing, world-influencing programme, and it is our hope that Haerenga will continue to grow. This is why we are asking for focused prayer for those who are currently considering doing the internship as well as those God is calling to do it who haven't yet heard about it.

A couple of weeks ago I joined our Tuesday NZCMS prayer meeting in Christchurch, and each of us was asked to pray for one prospective intern. Afterwards one of the pray-ers said it was such a great idea, and that he wanted to continue praying for that person for the next few months: that God would uphold them, guide them, and if it was right, that they would apply for Haerenga.


Are you interested in praying for one prospective intern as well? If you are, email