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#NZCMS is a hub for missional engagement. It’s a conversation you’re invited to join, a place for your voice to be heard. It’s all about getting you into the ongoing dialogue of what it means to be God’s missional people in the 21st century.

It's not just about information.

It isn't about promoting a particular mission agency.

It's not us telling you what to do.


It’s about asking questions, sharing thoughts and engaging others on this missional journey we call life. In a nut shell, #NZCMS is an online missional community.

To get the conversation started each Friday you'll find a short blog looking through the eyes of mission at the sort of stuff we face day-to-day. These will come from our NZCMS team, guest bloggers, missionaries - and even from some of you (if you're game!). There’ll be challenges to get you active here and now, plus questions to get you thinking.

And since the point’s to get you interacting with others like yourself, we’re hoping you’ll add your voice into the conversation! Either share your thoughts in the comments below each blog or join the convo at the #NZCMS FaceBook group - and feel free to ask questions about whatever you're pondering.


How to get involved:

Sign up for the #NZCMS emailer – fill in your email at the top of the page.

OR join the #NZCMS FaceBook group


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