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Home Again

It’s hard to believe but after a year away I arrived back in New Zealand just over a week ago! To be honest it was with mixed feelings! There was the excitement of seeing family and friends again but also the sadness of knowing I am away from other friends and those I consider family.

On my recent holiday in Croatia I unpacked and put everything in the cupboards at each place I stayed even though the longest stay was three nights. My friend Angi asked me why I felt it necessary to do this when she just lived out of her suitcase. On reflection I decided that maybe it was my way of making the place where I was staying home for those few nights.

As someone who has traveled a lot and lived in different places home really is where I find myself. Of course I do also have specific places I call home – I am currently up to the count of four countries that I consider ‘home’: Home 1 is New Zealand, Home 2 is England, Home 3 is Romania and my most recent home (Home 4) is Kenya. I feel blessed to consider each of these countries home: they each hold a special place of significance in my heart. And this year I have had the amazing privilege to spend time in each of these homes.

Ironically my birth home New Zealand is the place I feel least at home. Despite my deep love for New Zealand it is not a place I like to live in and I am always itching to head away again! Most of my friends have realised this: commenting on a recent post on Facebook where I had said I would be home soon a friend asked “but for how long?!!!” A good question indeed! At this stage God alone knows! I am in a period of waiting – waiting to see how the future will unfold and what God’s plans are for me. I am in the process of applying to be a long term mission partner with my mission organisation NZCMS. While I wait I reflect again on home and think about what it says in Hebrews: “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” (NLT)

I thank God for my many homes and most importantly I thank God I have found my home in Him!