Appeal for $10,000 to support new students at the Hostel

We invite you to stand with the Pakistan Church to raise the next generation of community changers.New students are enrolled to start at the hostel as soon as the current lockdown ends, but there are insufficient funds to support their education.

These students come from impoverished backgrounds in remote areas, and the Hostel provides a lifeline for education. The goal is to raise $10,000, which will enable the Mirpurkhas Hostel to commit to supporting this new intake of students.

Wasn’t there an appeal for Mirpurkhas Hotel last year?

Yes! Through an appeal sponsored by Anglican Missions and the Diocese of Christchurch over $27,000 was raised. This generosity enabled the hostel to stay open in the 2020/2021 academic year, despite unexpected but significant financial needs that arose due to the impact of Covid-19. We give thanks to God for all those who gave their support during this time.

How is the “Hostel Appeal: Supporting the Next Generation” different?

Thisappeal is specifically to support the new intake of students. NZCMS is running this appeal, and we have been regularly in touch with our partners on the ground. The situation continues to be challenging. For example, the recent 4th wave and lockdown has again meant no public gatherings and office closures. Despite this, the Diocese and the Hostel staff are determined to continue to provide this lifeline of education to students from marginalised backgrounds.    

What does Mirpurkhas Hostel do?

The Mirpurkhas Hostel is a mission of the Hyderabad Diocese in Pakistan. The hostel provides the boys The Mirpurkhas Hostel is a mission of the Hyderabad Diocese in Pakistan. The hostel provides the boys access to education, something many of their parents could not do; and learn life, leadership, and vocational skills. The boys become more resilient, multilingual, and resourceful and former students have gone on to be leaders and change agents in their villages, communities and churches.

Why is NZCMS Supporting this Hostel?

NZCMS Mission Partners were instrumental in establishing the Hostel in the 1950s (with the current building dating back to the 1970s). NZCMS continues to partner closely with this ministry and with Bishop Kaleem of the Diocese of Hyderabad.

In the Sindh region, it is estimated that only 60% of children make it to secondary schools. For those from marginalised and rural communities, it is very difficult to receive an education. This situation is compounded by the impact of Covid19. NZCMS is committed to supporting our partners during this challenging time.

Life Changing Opportunities

One Diocesan mission colleague writes: “If they cannot return to school or college now they will never complete their basic qualifications which the diocese has been supporting them towards, many since they were just 6 years old. This means options for livelihood are very limited (probably manual labour in a landlord’s fields), compounded by the challenge of increasing numbers out of work in these days.“

One of the students Bansi, took his learning from the hostel and applied it to support his family during one lockdown:I learnt about business, so I decided to support my family during the last Covid-19 break and opened a tyre puncture repair shop with my elder brother. Also, I guided him about listening skills and behaviour with customers.”

More information can be found here: Mirpurkhas Hostel

Education, life skills and vocational skills all combine to prepare these young people for making their way in a challenging world. Your support will enable the hostel to continue serving the community by supporting the students. We invite you to be part of bringing change in the lives of hostel students such as Bansi, and to the lives of their families and communities.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity to support the last, the least and the lost in another corner of God’s vineyard.

How to Support

To give to this appeal, visit NZCMS’ giving page here.

You can choose to pay either by credit card or by bank deposit.

  • In the drop-down box “Fund to Support”, select “Overseas Project Support”
  • In the ‘Provide details here” field, type “Hostel Appeal”
  • In the “Donations Frequency” field, type “One time”
  • Fill in the rest of your payments details
  • Press “Donate” to provide credit card details or to receive instructions for bank deposit.

If you have problems making a donation via our website please email us at for assistance.

If you’d rather call the office, you are free to do so on 03 377 2222. Please be advised we will not be able to go into the offices to respond to voice messages until the current lockdown goes into Alert Level 2.