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Imminent Departure to Papua New Guinea

Booking flights is the season of Covid-19 and uncertainty is our current challenge.

We were so relieved to receive our Visa's just before Christmas but unfortunately, our travel path may involve a two week quarantine period in Brisbane rather than the usual four hour transit period. We would appreciate prayer for the situation as we would really like to avoid quarantining in both Brisbane as well as Port Moresby! The NZCMS travel agent is working amazingly hard for us exploring all options, so please pray for her as she supports us and also our safety from the virus while we travel. We trust that God has this journey all mapped out for us, so we are just taking it day by day, decision by decision as we have been to date. At the moment all of our actions are pushing us towards a departure date of February 23. 

We have seen God's hand in the acquisition of our vaccines. Some of the less common vaccines we require aren't usually kept in New Zealand and need to be ordered from Australia. They're not easy to come by at the moment with limited international movement and this has been a tricky area to navigate. Despite this, our travel Dr. has managed to get hold of everything we need and we had our first round of vaccinations last week!

We are looking forward to finally getting to Kapuna where we will be serving. The community has been patiently awaiting our arrival. We received a lovely email saying they have planted some plants near our house in anticipation of our arrival! 

Please join us as we pray for safe travel and transit and quarantine.

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2 thoughts on “Imminent Departure to Papua New Guinea

  1. May God’s blessings and peace rest upon you all as you prepare to depart, and may you NOT have to quarantine twice!

  2. For nations to do God’s will, they need individuals who will do God’s work. I see your your heart is committed to God, He can work through you to accomplish the work He has called you to do.

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