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Interchange 2015

Welcome to 2015. Now that the New Year has had time to settle, it's time to relaunch Interchange.

With the focus of the Gospel bicentenary is behind us, we're now able to invest some time developing our communications. Already we have redesigned Prayer Fuel - our monthly printed prayer guide - expanding it to make it more helpful. We're also putting more effort into our online content. The hope is that our website will become a valuable mission resource for the NZ mission community.

In the coming months we'll be redeveloping Interchange, giving it a face-lift and making some improvements. We’ll also post all content from new editions of Intermission - our bi-monthly mission periodical - to our website and the weekly email. This means you can choose to access Intermission content online rather than by post, a move that will help combat rising mailing costs. If you currently receive Intermission via post and would like to opt to receive it digitally only, please let me know.

If fact, one goal is to make it possible for those interested to 'go fully digital,' a goal inspired by the communication survey from the start of last year.  Our online Prayer Prompts can now be used as an alternative (not just supplement) for Prayer Fuel. Our articles will all be posted to the website and Interchange. More Mission Partner news will be posted online. This means that, if you want, you will be able to access our content digitally without missing out on content from our printed publications.

There are other advantages to receiving our communications online:

  • The cost of postage has risen considerably over the past few years and will probably continue to rise.

  • The postal service's Deed of Understanding will be updated in July which may eventually result in slower delivery times.

  • Online communications has the advantage of immediacy - it can take weeks to get a story to print but only a few minutes online

  • Our online Prayer Prompts are our most timely and sometimes most urgent prayer requests.

  • You are able to interact with online content in various ways, such as writing comments under a story (which can be read by the Mission Partner)

To help us better understand what you'd like us to do with our online communications were currently running a survey that you can fill in here.


With all of this said I want to be clear: we’re not doing away with printed communications. Some of you will be delighted to be able to ‘go digital’ while others will prefer to receive printed material. In 2015 we want to better accommodate both groups. Also, if you know of anyone who should be receiving the Interchange emails, send them to this link and they can sign themselves up:



If you would like to ‘go digital’ and opt out from receiving one or all of our publications by regular mail, please email and let us know.