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Intermission: Equipping Kiwis for Local and Global Mission

Exploring today’s missional issues from a variety of angles, each edition of Intermission will equip you and your church to engage with God in your community and beyond.

The response to the revamping of our free quarterly Intermission has been phenomenal. It’s been so popular that in July we ran out of our extra copies of the latest edition within a week!

A growing number of churches and groups across the country are using Intermission to spark discussions about mission in today’s world. And that’s precisely what Intermission is for: resourcing churches, small groups and mission groups who want to explore what local and global mission is all about.

Each edition looks at a missional issue from a variety of angles, giving you and your group ideas of how you can put what you’re reading into action. There is a print version that is sent out four times a year. The same content is posted to our website and can be accessed at where you can find the latest articles along with a number of earlier editions that look at other important issues. Feel free to print these out to use in your small group. (If you are tech-savvy, you can also use the Intermission RSS feed with your favourite feed reader.)

The next issue will come out in September. Why not take up the challenge and start using Intermission in your group?


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