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Introducing our newest missions Intern, Sally!

Hi everyone! I’m Sally and I will be doing a mission internship with NZCMS from April 2019. I'll be living in the Solomon Islands with the Hicks family, experiencing their daily life for three months. I’ve been wondering about how to better the world since I was a child. I was desperate to go on a mission trip once I finished school, but my parents convinced me that a degree may help me better reach my goals. I completed a law degree with the dream of helping children internationally receive their basic human rights.

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. It was really hard at the time but I’ve come out the other side with an unshakable faith. God has since shown me that he is bigger than anything the world can throw at me. I’m so grateful that my health is no longer a barrier to what God has placed on my heart.

I hope that I can come home from this missions trip with a better understanding of how Christianity operates in other cultures and that God will use this time to show me the best path I can take to follow him.

I would really appreciate prayer that my eyes will see the doors God may open for me. I want to be conscious of any opportunities where I could be used by him, before I leave and while I am overseas.

Please also join me in praying for my family, as they support me over this big period of change in my life.

9 thoughts on “Introducing our newest missions Intern, Sally!

  1. Hi again Sally. I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet you and also your mother last evening. Congratulations on the way you presented your message and your calling. By the grace of God may you know strength, peace, love and hope along the ups and downs of your journey. May you also be open to learn a lot from living with another culture. Blessings Pamela

  2. Great to read of your forthcoming mission experience Sally, and something about how you got to this point. Along with your learning experiences and valuable contributions while in the Solomons, may you also have fun and some time for prayerful reflection. God bless, provide and protect you.

  3. Hi Sally, your parents must be so proud of you!! May our great and wonderful God go with you in all your endeavours. Go, you beautiful daughter of God.

  4. What a wonderful Oportunity to live and learn about the people in the Solomons,
    God bless you and all you meet , Jacky

  5. God Bless you Sally may you go forward in your goals as a Missionary wherever your work takes you it will reward you threefold plus I’m sure. Shall pray for you daily and follow the challenges in front of you. Stay safe, enjoy the moments, keep well. Fay (Vanessa’s neighbour)

  6. Good on you for taking this wonderful step of faith. “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”

  7. Hi Sally

    How wonderful for Tess and Jonathan to have your support as they care for and educate their large family as well as their community. And what an opportunity for you as you learn from them about organizing and relating in many ways. Wow!

    May you know the Lord’s Presence and peace and joy in the midst of what could be a busy time.

    God bless you and the family and church you are joining.


    Another Sally 😊

  8. Sally, greetings from a fellow traveller on The Way. At 80, I am nearing the end of this stage of my faith journey. God willing, you have yet many more stages in yours, some will be exciting in their faith challenge (like your trip to the Solomons), others will call on your deepest faith reserves (like Crohn’s). All I can say from reflecting on my own journey is that (as the late Dave Allen used to end his show with, slightly paraphrased) “…and may our God go with you…”

    Yours on The Way,


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