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Introducing the Sinclair Family

We are thrilled to welcome our new Mission Partners - the Sinclairs! Luke and Naomi Sinclair, along with their daughter Angeline (aged 18 months), and a little boy coming mid-October, will be serving in student evangelism ministry in Japan. Read below to learn more about them.

What have you been doing up till now professionally and personally?  

Luke grew up in Ashburton, then moved up to Christchurch to study engineering. Naomi grew up as a missionary kid in Japan where her parents served with CMS Australia, then returned to Australia to study global studies. 

After both doing ministry apprenticeships, our paths converged at Bible College in Sydney where we met and married. Since then Luke dragged Naomi to Christchurch (it’s the most rural place she’s ever lived!) where we’ve been working for three years at Cornerstone Church, a church which has an outreach to university students. 

Luke serves as the mission pastor with a particular focus on evangelism and training others to share Jesus with their friends, colleagues, and neighbours. Since Angeline’s arrival, Naomi hangs out with the local mums looking for opportunities to speak about Jesus. She also leads a women’s Bible study and helps to train several ministry apprentices. 

Tell us about the place where you will be living and what you hope to do there? 

We will be moving to Japan, home to over 126 million people and where less than 1% profess to be Christian. We are preparing to partner with KGK, which is the student Christian group – equivalent to TSCF (Tertiary Student Christian Fellowship) in NZ. Sandwiched between their exam-pressured high school years and workaholic professional years, university is a critical time for Japanese people to engage with the Gospel. 

How have you come to know that God has called you to cross cultural missions?

We have both been captured by the love of Jesus, who ‘though he was rich, yet for our sake he became poor, so that we through his poverty might become rich.’ - 2 Corinthians 8:9. We want to model our lives on this Jesus by sharing the eternal riches of the Gospel with anyone who is spiritually poor. 

We would be willing to labour for the Gospel in any location, but since both of us happen to be fluent in Japanese (Naomi a bilingual-missionary-kid and Luke a language-nerd who went on exchange in Japan during High School), we feel that God has uniquely prepared us to serve in Japan. 

What do you hope and pray God will do through you in Japan? 

The Japanese church is rapidly aging and desperate for a new generation of Christian leaders (the average age of pastors in Japan is 68). Our hope and prayer is that God might use us in his work of raising up Gospel workers in Japan.  

How can those reading this pray for you and your family?  Praise God for pastors who are serving faithfully in Japan. Pray that God might grant them perseverance and encouragement amidst difficult labour. 

- Pray for God to raise up a new generation of Gospel workers.  

- Pray for the KGK student ministry as it reaches out to curious students and equips Christians in ministry.

- Pray for courage for Japanese people to step apart from their culture to investigate Christianity. 

- Pray for our family as we prepare to make transitions to a new country and ministry. 

Want to Support Luke and Naomi?

If you're interested in connecting or supporting the Sinclairs see their online profile here or email us at to receive news and updates from them. They are also looking for link churches in Christchurch to join their support team. 

Luke & Naomi Sinclair, Mission Partners to Japan

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  1. I highly recommend and support Luke & Naomi Sinclair for serving in Japan. I am from Pakistan. Ready to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

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