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Introducing the Thornberrys

We are delighted to introduce to you our new Mission Partner family, the Thornberrys.* Nigel (dad) was born in New Zealand and loves to learn and share what he has learned. Marianne (mum) was born in the U.S.A. and loves to be an international mum to all. Debby (their 16 year old daughter) was born in the heart of the Redwoods in the U.S.A. and is a self-proclaimed 'geek', bookworm, and wants to be a fashion designer. Eliza (their 12 year old daughter) was born in the Czech Republic and wants to be a zoologist and a radical environmentalist.

This is what they say about their way of life:

We make FRIENDS, share STORIES, give feet to DREAMS, pass on GIFTS and PARTY. Or said in another way, we go to where there aren't a lot of Christians and share life with them, love them, respect them, help them find a path into the Kingdom. We find out the dreams that God is giving to people and help those become reality. We love to see physical and spiritual gifts make a difference in the world. We take part in large temporary spiritual communities that celebrate life and encourage the formation of smaller long-lasting communities that are a celebration of belonging in the Kingdom. 

They primarily do this type of life among poor, nomadic and local people. Nigel and Marianne have lived mostly nomadic since they met almost 30 years ago. Although they have had brief periods of stationary life, they have raised their five kids while ministering as a family on the road. Their older kids have grown and left, so they are down to two travelling at their side - though the older ones promise they will come and catch up with them when they have a break in their own exciting lives. So, as a diminished group of four they are continuing their nomadic journey. They will be shipping out at the end of September to go back to Europe and Africa.

They too are excited about joining the NZCMS family:

The last many years our ministry has been a bit free range so we are quite excited to have a mission family behind us, helping us stay safe and give us belonging. It is also great to be sent out of New Zealand as our main reason for returning here three years ago was to find a home - we were beginning to feel a bit homeless ourselves. We are very excited to now have a mission family in New Zealand that is sending us out to continue our living and sharing.


If you would like to know more about how you can support the Thornberrys email or visit the NZCMS support page.


* Note: any resemblance to a cartoon family is entirely deliberate. We have done this to balance security with humour.