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Iri’s final weeks

It’s already June and the official start of winter. It started here in Gisborne some days ago and most probably where you are too. Hope it’s not a sign of a harsh winter ahead. Iri is going to get a shock when he lands back in New Zealand but the jackets and jerseys which had been stored in the container for ten years are now all freshly washed and hanging in the wardrobe waiting. The process of unpacking the container and turning an empty house into our home has been a good project for me and there aren’t many sleeps to go now!

Iri is busily tying up the ends to his time in Kondoa, setting up the final exam timetable, paying final visits to villages he loves, and having visitors come to see him there before he says his final goodbyes and leaves for the last time. He’s trying to get away without farewells but I don’t think that will happen! On a recent return trip to one village he found that the local Christians had made such a wonderful effort to build their own church that we sought funding for the last of the timber from faithful Auckland supporters who were able to help complete the building. The local congregation had hand made the bricks and built the church themselves, saved and purchased the iron sheets and transported them three at a time by bicycle from Kondoa town – a trip of three hours by car so probably all day on a bike.

Sacks of maize have been purchased to be sent home with village pastors, boxes of Bibles bought and distributed, the vehicle serviced and repainted and a household inventory made of goods to be kept by the Akesters.

Would you join with us to cover everything with prayer for Iri and the Akesters including

  • safe travel

  • safe storage of the household goods and vehicle

  • safe transport, distribution and storage of maize supplies

  • safe sharing of emotions at the time of leaving and arriving

We love and honour you for sharing this special time with us. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

One thought on “Iri’s final weeks

  1. Greetings from Arusha, kia ora Iri and Kate. Greetings to Kate at home and Iri in Kondoa, and i pray for your final few days that you will be blessed by all the farewelling people.
    funnily enough it’s quite cold here in Arusha after so much rain that our environment is a wonderful green everywhere.
    Welcome to Peter and Christine Akester, may your travels and arrival be smooth processes and best wishes for good settling in at Kondoa.
    With love and prayers to you all

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