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June’s Missional Movements

The Hicks family expect to welcome their new baby on or around June 1. They all travelled on May 11 to the capital, Honiara, for the birth. They will return to their village as soon as the baby is strong enough and Tess feels ready to make the boat crossing.

Peter Akester will be ordained at Kondoa Cathedral alongside 11 others on June 19. Rev Andrew Allan-Johns from Rangiora will lead the preceding retreat.

Katie has finished her Spanish Classes at University and hopes to be transitioning out of full time language learning soon.

Dianne has recovered well from the slipped disc in her back and is now ‘walking like a solider.’

We're invited to join the World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk (June 4-5). Find out more at

Phil Sussex is trialling some Saturday evening church-based dental clinics to make dental care accessible for factory workers who work long hours 6 days a week.