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Kenya Attack

The following was posted on Interestingly, their article reported the perspectives of the Christian victims of the massacre. The title they chose for the article was "At Kenya college, Christian students foretold massacre."

As Stanley Muli hid in a wardrobe from attacking Somali militants last week, he wondered why the army was taking so long to arrive.

For two hours after the attack at 5.30am Thursday, no one came to the rescue. Muli, listening to al-Shabab fighters searching rooms and killing terrified Garissa University College students, thought bitterly about how quickly the army had arrived in November to brutally put down a student protest over the lack of university security.

"I was just praying to God that the (army) would come," the 22-year-old said on Sunday. "I was just thinking how come they have taken so long, because the barracks are near."

n a town long known for violent extremist attacks, the campus of mainly Christian students was an obvious target in a predominantly Muslim area within striking distance of Somalia, 145 kilometres away. Students said they felt unsafe and exposed-put in harm's way by the government itself.

"We were fearing that if these people (a-Shaban) came, they could kill many, many Christians," said Muli, who was shot in the thigh but survived in his hiding place. He said the government "failed to protect us. We are angry, because we lost some of our best friends. ... They took no care."

Garissa University College was inaugurated in 2011. It was the first university in northeastern Kenya, but its first full-year intake was in 2013. Students said almost no one wanted to be there because of Garissa's security problem, but they were declined spots on the mother campus, Moi University in Eldoret. Most wanted to transfer, but found it impossible.

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