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Kenyans in Christchurch

Earlier in the year NZCMS, in partnership with a number of churches and groups across the country, hosted a 'reverse-mission' team from Kenya. This team was split into smaller groups and sent to various parts of New Zealand. We've invited representatives from the team to write some reflections on their experience. Other reflections can be found by clicking here.


By Susan Mwathi.

The journey to New Zealand was a faith journey, beginning with raising the actual amount for flight and also for the visa - this was not an easy task. We had intense training and classes every Sunday morning to prepare us and also to give us an overview of what we were getting into. During each lesson my desire grew deeper and my faith more as I saw myself being part of this mission. I was in it to learn, share my faith and let others know of God.

As the departure day drew closer, the challenges increased and my faith was tested. The visas took so long to be approved and still my flight fare was not enough. We finally got the visa on the very day we were due to travel. Our long journey of 22 hours finally begun. We were curious and expectant. We finally got to Auckland and after some orientation we set out for our different locations. Christchurch is where I would be located. When we landed heaven must have known because it was raining and way colder than Auckland but the reception at the airport made it warmer.

Christchurch has amazingly beautiful architecture. Even with the earthquakes having happened it was still beautiful. We got to interact with the people in Christchurch and everyone we met left us amazed. The hospitality and love shown made us feel at home even if we were away from home. Getting adjusted to the time difference was a challenge. The team had prepared for us a well-organised time table throughout our stay.

After each and every meeting we went to I was left impacted, and just sharing my story and listening to others share made me realise we can all be effective where we are and no one is less useful. One of the many encounters is when I had a one on one with a young lady and my heart was broken. Her story has made me pray for her that she will get to know Christ for who he truly is. She is a young girl yet has taken up the responsibility of taking care of her siblings since her mother cannot due to a drug addiction. On top of that, she's been brought up in a home where she has had different religions blended together and cannot understand which is true. She wants to encounter God but is still held behind by the different religions and their teachings and cannot understand real from fake. She constantly reminded me that at times we complicate the gospel. It’s been a prayer burden for me that she will find Christ and that also through finding Christ she will lead her family to Christ and that she will not give up searching for the truth.

As I sit and write this I carry a lot with me from New Zealand. What God has taught me through that short mission is that we have so much to give to others if only we avail ourselves to missions. I don’t need to be a preacher….  My story is a testimony in itself and I should be bold to share it. I should not be ashamed to share it at all everywhere I go and with whomever I meet. My heart was moved for New Zealand and even for the young people who are needed more in the church to serve and give of themselves. For me one of the many take home prayer points that I have is that there will be a revival and it will indeed start with the youth and will spread across the church of New Zealand. The church needs to also be ready to pass the baton to the young generation; there is a big need of young people to serve in the Church. I will keep praying that the church will equip and mentor them to be the next wave of effective leaders.