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Kisiizi Hospital

Kisiizi Hospital lies in South Western Uganda not 2 hours drive from my previous setting, Kisoro. Almost bizarrely it is really a hospital in the middle of no-where with the nearest significant town at least an hour's drive in any direction. Despite this it has a name unto its self and has developed a good reputation for quality health care in the region.

Kisiizi is a Church of Uganda hospital with some government connection also. The hospital was first opened in 1958 and gradually grew and developed there. From early on, a huge advantage to the rural situation of Kisiizi Hospital was the access to the Omukinyata waterfall which, as well as providing the water requirements for the hospital, powers the hydro generator and source of power for the hospital. The waterfall itself has a morbid history in that historically, unmarried woman who were found to be pregnant were thrown from it. Despite this gruesome origin, it now powers not only the hospital, allowing for the care of so many, but also, through the Kisiizi Power Project, provides affordable electricity to the surrounding area.

The moto of Kisiizi Hospital is "life in all its fullness" from John 10:10 and, within that, comes the aim to care for societies most vulnerable. The hospital consists of 3 operating theatres, a surgical inpatient department, general medical inpatient ward, isolation ward, paediatrics, maternity, special care nursery and inpatient mental health. The inpatient mental health ward is particularly novel in being the only one of its kind in a non-government hospital. In addition to this Kisiizi has extensive outpatient facilities, community out-reach projects, child sponsorships scheme, clinics (HIV, Eyes, dental, antenatal, immunisation etc.). To further increase the accessibility of health care, Kisiizi Hospital has Uganda's oldest health insurance scheme, a scheme which caters to 34000 people and means that sudden health-care needs will not reduce a family to destitution.

Education is also a key element of Kisiizi which runs the Kisiizi primary school - started for the purpose of retaining staff by providing quality education for their children - and the Kisiizi school of nursing and midwifery.

So... in this extensive project, where do I fit in?

I will be at Kisiizi for 3 months, until the end of January, during which time I will be working in the paediatric ward and special care nursery. Kissizi offers me a very different image of health care to my pervious location and, within that, valuable learning experience for how effective and quality health care can be provided in a low-resource setting, on a larger scale. In addition to some unique and very valuable learning opportunities which I will have in my time here, I am also hoping to contribute, particularly within the special care nursery, in staff education and practice development.

Please do pray that my time here in Kisiizi will be a fruitful one and thank you for your on-going support of my work here in Uganda.

If you get the opportunity please do have a look at the Kisiizi Hospital website to get a more vivid picture of my current location!

The work I am doing through NZCMS is strictly volunteer work - I am not paid by NZCMS nor by Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda. I am able to do this work through the generosity of every-day people who want to support me to be able to be here and help with this incredible work.

If you want to find out more about supporting me in this work please either contact me directly or click here for more details as to how you can support me. Every bit of support of every kind helps.