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March’s Missional Movements

Each month we produce a list of key Missional Movements from our Mission Partners around the world - their comings and goings, notable achievements, new projects. These are also found in our monthly Prayer Fuel publication.

The Haerenga Internship has been postponed to 2016. The primary reason for this is a lack of numbers. We are taking 2015 to review the internship to better its vision, content and partnerships.

Sophia Sinclair, who has faithfully served as the NZCMS Communication Officer for the past five years, concluded her time with NZCMS in December. With that said, expect to hear something from Sophia from time to time.

Anne McCormick will be receiving a visit from Mark Lander, the inventor and builder of the paper making machine she fundraised for last year. Mark will teach Anne how to use the machine which will become an integral part of her work at World Mate Emergency Hospital.

Miriam Tillman. The Hospital of Hope in Mango, North Togo, has its Grand Opening on March 2.

Féy Cotter will be returning to Albania on March 8 and Murray on March 31.

Dianne Bayley is visiting NZ until March 11.