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May’s Missional Movements

Joanna Frampton is currently taking six months leave of absence from her work in Papua New Guinea while she completes her Master’s thesis. She is also working part-time in the office of St Christopher’s church, Christchurch. During this time she will also be seeking God as to her future.

Rosie returned to Egypt in February after a couple of months’ time-out in New Zealand. It was a very necessary break – she had good quality holiday times with friends and family and was also able to continue with some work remotely.

Murray and Féy Cotter returned to Albania safely. They spent much of their two months in New Zealand connecting with friends, family and supporters. This year will be a full one, especially for Féy who, in addition to her other roles, has accepted the role within the International Leadership of ECM as a member of the Field Ministry Executive Team. Pray she’ll be able to do all she needs to in the ten hours a week that is allocated to the role!

Anthony and Anne are in New Zealand for a season of Leave and Home Service. They will be taking time to be refreshed in various ways while also keeping busy, connecting with their link churches and various supporters.

Katie is currently studying at St Andrew’s Hall in Melbourne, learning about cross-cultural living and ministry to prepare her to hit the ground running when she arrives in Spain in September this year.

Carol Roger, the latest to be sent as a short-term Mission Partner, arrived in Papua New Guinea in January. She has settled well in to position teaching English and Science at the Kapuna hospital primary school.

Dianne Bayley is safe and sound back in the Philippines. She arrived in time to be part of the grand opening of the Children’s Bible Ministries (CBM) home for disabled children in mid-January. It was officiated by the governor of her province, along with the vice governor, congressman, mayor and the Department of Social Welfare, leaders of persons with disabilities, and of course the CBM staff, children and supporters – 250 people in total.

Iri and Kate are now serving God from opposite sides of the globe. Kate suffered from a blood clot on their flight back to New Zealand at the end of last year and as a result was advised not to return to Tanzania. Kate continues from NZ with her role as the Communications Director for the Bishop of Kondoa, and Iri continues at the Bible School in Kondoa.

Nick Laing finished his course in Tropical Hygiene and is working at Lucor Hospital while Tessa is engaging alongside the local church to form a group that can follow up social justice initiatives They are currently re-establishing themselves in the community they were previously living in. This will be a season of re-building and developing solid friendships in the community. They are very excited, but also nervous about the extra work load of being without running water again!

Anna Tovey was mugged at gunpoint when walking home after swimming at the start of the year. The event did shake her up but she has recovered well and was able to finish her Kiswahili studies. She has now left Kenya to visit connections in Romania and England, and at the same time is in the process of applying to become a long-term Mission Partner.

Cliff and Irene return to work at St John’s University in Dodoma in April for a period of four to five months.