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Meet our new National Director: Rosie Fyfe

It is NZCMS Trust Board’s privilege and pleasure to announce Rosie Fyfe as the New Zealand Church Missionary Society’s new National Director, taking up her appointment on July 22nd.

One of the most striking features of this appointment is that Rosie already embodies NZCMS’s missional DNA, having worked for five years in Egypt and understanding what it means to be a Mission Partner and to live cross-culturally.  While living in Cairo she was the Director of the Diocesan Partnership Office, responsible for building partnerships to support the ministries of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, a large diocese which includes eight countries. This involved her in the planning and implementation of health, education, theological, interfaith, and community development projects, as well as communicating what the Church was doing in Egypt.

Prior to becoming a NZCMS Mission Partner, Rosie graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with an honours degree in History and Statistics. Recruited as part of a graduate leadership development programme, she then worked for several years at Statistics New Zealand, including leading a project that developed New Zealand’s first official measures of sustainable development.

After completing her time in Egypt, Rosie continued her studies in the USA. She gained a Master’s degree in Church History and Theology at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition that aims to form Christian leaders for mission. Founded by a CMS Australia missionary, Trinity continues to base its vision on the mission principles first expressed by John Venn in 1799 in England at the beginning of CMS’s history.

Rosie returned to New Zealand at the end of 2018, and took up a role in the Intercultural Communities project, a partnership between the Diocese of Wellington and NZCMS. She currently lives in the Community of the Transfiguration, a missional community with rhythms of prayer, hospitality, and outreach to Victoria University, connected to St Michael’s Anglican Church in Kelburn, Wellington.

Rosie seeks to be involved in mission wherever she is, and is passionate about the Church reaching out beyond its walls to show God’s love. Living in Egypt during two revolutions and the Arab Spring, she witnessed the way that the Church in Egypt continued to reach out in love and serve their neighbours even during challenging times. Over the years, Rosie has been involved in a number of community ministries in Wellington, including outreach to international students, community dinners in inner-city Wellington, and refugee resettlement. She has been actively involved in the life of St Michael’s through leading services, preaching and leading the global missions group. Rosie loves to get out into the great outdoors of New Zealand whenever she can.

Rosie’s life has been immersed in outreach and mission – she has lived and breathed it.  She brings gifts of communication, wide cultural understanding, strategic leadership and team management skills.  She has vision and theological depth, and we look forward to ways in which God will use her to grow His Kingdom in the coming months and years.  As she anticipates her new responsibilities, Rosie feels honoured to be part of the NZCMS story in Aotearoa New Zealand and is excited to serve NZCMS in this role.

We would value your prayers as Rosie prepares to take up this important role.

37 thoughts on “Meet our new National Director: Rosie Fyfe

  1. Congratulations Rosie – and wonderful news for you, NZCMS and the team at Anglican Missions!

  2. Delighted to see the hand of God in bringing you to this place. Be assured of our prayers in the south.

  3. At the last June prayer meeting in Nelson, we were talking about who the next CMS leader would be. I said I had thought for sometime that it would be a woman and she had been a missionary and she had been in Egypt. I knew her name but I wasn’t willing to share it with the prayers. God has confirmed my thinking. How well we are led and guided by Him.

  4. Congratulations!

    May God guide and bless you in this new season.

    Lucy Ochieng- CMS-Africa

  5. Congratulations Rosie! It is wonderful to see how you have trusted God to meet your every need, and He does not disappoint. You are now in a position to create momentum in selecting and sending workers for the harvest, and we have so appreciated those from CMS NZ over the years in Egypt.

  6. May our Lord God Bless you abundantly in your new roll, we look forward to meeting you in the future

  7. Congratulations on your appointment – Wellington will miss you but we are delighted to see a vibrant and mission experienced person in the role. Great for NZCMS!

  8. We have enjoyed the company and service of several CMS NZ partners in the Diocese of Egypt, and I was personally blessed early on by Rosie arranging my stay at the missional community in Wellington. We look forward to CMS NZ selecting and sending more partners with Rosie at the helm!

  9. I didn’t see THIS coming!
    When Wellington’s Mitre 10 announced his retirement I said, “Justin Duckworth for bishop!” and it came to pass but I didn’t connect Rosie with Steve’s job when Steve left to become a bishop!
    Having a missionary as National Director of NZCMS is not a novelty, it’s the right thing to do!

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