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Meet the Robbs

We’ve​ ​spent​ ​the​ ​last​ ​couple​ ​of​ ​months​ ​searching​ ​for​ ​someone​ ​to​ ​join​ ​the​ ​NZCMS​ ​Personnel​ ​team.​ ​We’re delighted​ ​to​ ​announce​ ​that​ ​that​ ​‘someone’​ ​is​ ​actually​ ​not​ ​one​ ​person​ ​but​ ​two:​ ​Mike​ ​and​ ​Ruth​ ​Robb. 

Mike​ ​and​ ​Ruth​ ​bring​ ​vast​ ​experience​ ​from​ ​their​ ​years​ ​in​ ​mission​ ​and​ ​ministry​ ​both​ ​in​ ​NZ​ ​and​ ​beyond. They’re​ ​easy-going​ ​and​ ​able​ ​to​ ​connect​ ​with​ ​a​ ​variety​ ​of​ ​people.​ ​They​ ​also​ ​bring​ ​skills​ ​in​ ​pastoral​ ​care, coaching,​ ​mentoring​ ​and​ ​a​ ​commitment​ ​to​ ​equip​ ​congregations​ ​to​ ​be​ ​more​ ​effective​ ​in​ ​doing​ ​their​ ​part to​ ​extend​ ​God’s​ ​Kingdom.​ ​Their​ ​life’s​ ​calling​ ​is​ ​to​ ​“Train​ ​100’s​ ​to​ ​win​ ​1000’s.”​ ​We’re​ ​sure​ ​there’s​ ​much we​ ​will​ ​gain​ ​in​ ​having​ ​them​ ​as​ ​part​ ​of​ ​the​ ​NZCMS​ ​team. 

Here’s​ ​a​ ​quick​ ​introduction​ ​from​ ​each​ ​of​ ​them. 


Introducing​ ​Mike 

My​ ​name​ ​is​ ​Mike​ ​Robb​ ​and​ ​I​ ​was​ ​born​ ​in​ ​Rangiora,​ ​North​ ​Canterbury​ ​in​ ​1957​ ​–​ ​a​ ​very​ ​important​ ​year, the​ ​same​ ​as​ ​singer-songwriter​ ​Dave​ ​Dobbyn​ ​and​ ​All​ ​Black​ ​rugby​ ​player​ ​and​ ​coach​ ​Wayne​ ​Smith,​ ​and the​ ​year​ ​that​ ​Elvis​ ​Presley​ ​released​ ​“Jail​ ​House​ ​Rock.”​​ ​I​ ​love​ ​big​ ​motor​ ​bikes,​ ​big​ ​trout, and​ ​the​ ​big outdoors. I​ ​love​ ​music​ ​From​ ​Elvis​ ​Presley​ ​to​ ​Les​ ​Miserable​ ​to​ ​Pink​ ​Floyd​ ​and​ ​even​ ​a​ ​little​ ​21​ ​Pilots.

I​ ​wasn’t​ ​raised​ ​in​ ​a​ ​Christian​ ​home​ ​but​ ​had​ ​a​ ​Christian​ ​conversion​ ​just​ ​before​ ​my​ ​20​th​​ ​birthday.​ ​From the​ ​time​ ​of​ ​my​ ​conversion​ ​I’ve​ ​had​ ​a​ ​passion​ ​to​ ​help​ ​others​ ​to​ ​encounter​ ​our​ ​living​ ​God​ ​and​ ​discover the​ ​plans​ ​and​ ​purposes​ ​he​ ​has​ ​for​ ​their​ ​lives​ ​and​ ​the​ ​communities​ ​they’re​ ​a​ ​part​ ​of.​ ​I​ ​married​ ​my​ ​best friend​ ​in​ ​1980​ ​and,​ ​from​ ​that​ ​time,​ ​we’ve​ ​been​ ​a​ ​team​ ​of​ ​two,​ ​involved​ ​in​ ​missions​ ​in​ ​Papua​ ​New Guinea​ ​and​ ​Cambodia,​ ​and​ ​pastoring​ ​two​ ​churches​ ​in​ ​NZ.​ ​I​ ​am​ ​also​ ​a​ ​lecturer​ ​in​ ​theology​ ​and ministry​ ​studies​ ​at​ ​Vision​ ​College.

​​Ruth​ ​and​ ​I​ ​are​ ​Head​ ​Facilitators​ ​for​ ​‘Kairos’​ ​and​ ​‘Empowered​ ​to​ ​Influence’​ ​courses, produced​ ​by Simply​ ​Mobilising,​ ​and​ ​we​ ​are​ ​so​ ​encouraged​ ​to​ ​see​ ​others​ ​come​ ​to​ ​realise​ ​that​ ​God​ ​has​ ​given​ ​every believer​ ​a​ ​part​ ​to​ ​play​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Great​ ​Commission.

Introducing Ruth

I was raised in Christchurch and attended a number of Anglican churches with my family, my father Maurice Goodall being a vicar and later Bishop. I’m very grateful for the input of my parent’s faith. I still remember God’s challenge to follow him, as a 13 year old, from a missionary talking at St John’s Latimer Square when Roger Thompson was Vicar and dad was the City Missioner.

As a teenager I loved Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar and Bread and was part of a Youth Choir. I completed my nursing training at CPIT and met my husband at a Scripture Union Coffee Bar Outreach at Waikuku Beach.

After our wedding in August 1980 we joined the Apostolic church in Christchurch. A friend invited us to go and help at a hospital in Papua New Guinea and this set the direction for the next 13 years of our lives. During this time our family grew to three daughters and twin sons.

We returned to NZ in 1993 and, following Michael’s ordination, pastored a church in Golden Bay and then joined the team at Dunedin Apostolic Church for six years. In 2004 we  spent two years in Cambodia with our 3 youngest teenagers, leading Asian Outreach, before returning, this time to Christchurch.

I started Home Schooling our children when we lived in PNG and eventually continued for 20 years! Following this I completed a part-time Spiritual Direction course and a Return to Nursing course.

With all our children grown we thought we could relax and maybe have a few overseas trips later in life but God challenged us to be available for short term needs, so we resigned from our jobs. Since 2014 we have spent a from a week to 6 months at a time in PNG doing hospital admin, pastoral care of staff, discipling of Community Health students and teaching grade seven.

Our daughters and one of our twin sons are married and we enjoy our seven grandchildren. It’s been wonderful to have multi-cultural members added to our family and see all of them continue in their own faith walks. Life thus far has been an amazing adventure with many challenges and hard times but has been a privilege to see God working in NZ and overseas, calling us to continue growing and passing on the many blessings we’ve received, as we walk alongside others.

We look forward to continuing this journey with the NZCMS family.

10 thoughts on “Meet the Robbs

  1. Hello Ruth and Mike, firstly congratulations and secondly nice to read about what you have done in the many years since we last met. May God bless you in this next chapter of your lives, Elisabeth Tovey.

  2. Special to catch up with you, Ruth, to meet Mike, and to hear what you have been doing since St Stephen’s days. Thrilled that you are offering your gifts to the CMS family and look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks be to God!

  3. Thank you for joining CMS in your new roles. May God bless you in the tasks ahead.
    Hazel Hipkins

  4. Great to have you on the team, Ruth. I was a parishioner in Shirley when you were small!.
    May the Lord’s blessing and wisdom enable you to flourish in the work.

    Anne Smith

    1. Hi Anne, (Mike here). Ruth is in Kaikoura doing emergency nursing relief for 9 days and may not see this for a while,but thank you for being in touch.
      Kind regards,
      Mike (and Ruth)

  5. Greetings to the Robbs, from Phil and Mary Amoore in Pukekohe. We are ‘old’ friends from PNG days. Great that you have joined the CMS team. Welcome! and God bless.

    1. Hi Mary and Phil, how are you both doing ?
      Thanks for your welcome,
      Kind regards,

      Mike and Ruth

  6. Welcome to the NZCMS family, Mike and Ruth; isn’t it wonderful how God keeps leading us on ! You have a wealth of experience to share with those you minister to in Jesus’ name.
    Every blessing, jocelyn williams

    1. Hi Jocelyn, thanks for your kind welcome. Yes, as we keep our eyes and ears open,God keeps calling eh ?

      Kind regards,
      Mike and Ruth

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