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February’s Missional Movements

At the start of each month we will be releasing a list of Missional Movements, updating you on the "whos" and "wheres" of NZCMS. The same list will be found in the latest edition of Prayer Fuel.

The Thornberry family, newly accepted Mission Partners, left NZ late September to spend two months fundraising in the USA before arriving in Europe early December.

Cliff and Irene Studman returned to St John’s University in Dodoma, Tanzania late October for six weeks, arriving back in NZ in mid-December.

Marion McChesney and Jo Rogers completed their time as NZCMS Mission Partners in Tanzania. They are both settling back into life in New Zealand, though are understandably missing Africa.

Nick Laing finished working at Lacor Hospital, Gulu, Uganda in mid-November. He spent a couple of months improving his Acholi language before moving into his next role overseeing the local Diocesan medical centres in January.

Dianne Bayley arrived in New Zealand towards the end of November for a time of rest and recovery after a busy year. She returned to the Philippines early January.

Rosie returned to New Zealand in mid-December for six months of Leave and Home Service. Apart from sharing at churches and taking some time out, she is also considering various options for her next season.

Nadia returned to New Zealand in late December after six months in Uganda. This time confirmed her sense of calling and she is now pursuing post-graduate studies in neonatal care to better prepare herself for the future.

Iri visited Kate and the family for Christmas and the month of January. He will finish his time with the Diocese of Kondoa, Tanzania in June this year. Kate will remain in New Zealand.

The Sussex family arrived in New Zealand just before Christmas for a time of Leave and Home Service. They will be back in NZ until June when they will return to Cambodia.

Féy Cotter stepped down from her role managing the Albanian Encouragement Project office towards the end of 2014. She remains involved in the leadership of ECM. Murray and Fey arrived in NZ mid-January for a couple of months, to attend some family celebrations and catch up with supporters.

New Mission Partner Miriam Tillman left NZ bound for Togo, West Africa in mid-January. She will be working as the pharmacy supervisor in a new rural hospital in the north of the country.