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Nadia Says Goodbye

The problem with going anywhere new to visit and explore is that eventually you have to leave...

My time in Uganda has been one giant adventure. I've written about just a small portion of those adventures in order to share them but every day, virtually every moment has been something of an adventure here.

I've been in Uganda for 7 months and now, in 10 days, I'm heading back to New Zealand.

I'm looking forward to going home, to seeing family and friends, walking/driving in familiar places, browsing a super-market, no longer needing to boil water to drink, wearing jeans again! But I'll miss being here too.

When you live in a place for a time it becomes a small part of you which you take away with you and will never forget. You also leave a small part of yourself behind. There's no winning really, unless you always live in one place without moving or travelling, there will always be those other "homes" which at times you miss and yearn for. These places become part of your identity.

I'll miss Uganda...

I'll miss the lush green beauty of South Western Uganda with its many hills and volcanoes

I'll miss the almost violent thunder storms where lightening illuminates the whole valley, thunder shakes the walls and the rain is so loud on the corrugated roof that you can hardly hear yourself think.

I'll miss the laughter; I've never met people who so love to laugh

I'll miss the phrases and words like "fair" "you are lost" "somehow" "sure" and "you are welcome!"

I'll miss the music; there always seems to be singing or music here, even a drum to keep on schedule.

I'll miss the strong women; seeing women ploughing fields by hand, carrying huge jerry cans of water and so often with a baby on their back.

I'll miss the ochre red soil stark against the greenery (though I won't miss constantly trying to wash it off my feet!)

I'll miss the pace of life; sometimes hectic and very full but everything just happens eventually, in Ugandan time.

I'll miss the children; who take pleasure in simple small things and so often create their own fun.

I'll miss the friends I've made; black, white and brown - all dear to me.

I'll miss the frankness of the culture, where things are stated as they are and it isn't considered offensive.

I'll miss the smell of heat and dust just as it begins to rain.

I won't leave Uganda the same as I arrived. It has changed me, taught me and strengthened me, equipped me further for whatever God has planned for me in future. Uganda I will never forget you.

Ngaho, Wakoze Canye.