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New home for physically disabled children

Allen, who is 16 years old, is our first child in the new home for physically disabled children. He has a very pleasing personality and  is enjoying every experience. For years he has stayed all day on a little wood slat bed in a shack with a  dirt floor that isn’t even flat, and his parents have needed to work all day. He lives in a wheelchair and needs 24 hour  care. We managed to find him  a very good “buddy”, and he is going to school for the first time in his life - and really enjoying it, even if it's Grade One with a bunch of 6 year olds! He can draw, he's enjoyed watching a basketball game here, and he even joined us for a prayer meeting last night. He's learning to joke and have some fun. From a life of being stuck staying at home on a crooked slat ... he is on a roll!

On another note, have you heard of Chikungunya? Most people around here hadn't. Neither had I. But it's a nasty little virus that I've picked up, spread by a mosquito that bites in the daytime.  (It has nothing to do with chickens, even if it has "chik" in the name!) High fever, headache rashes and joint swellings. My voice has come back and all I have now are swollen ankles and rashes on my lower legs. Please pray for full recovery and patience!


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