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On the Plane

Its time. Are we ready? Well we’d better be because we are quite literally on the plane. As my late Opa would say, we’re “physically, spiritually and emotionally prepared” to head back to Uganda. That's is a good place to be.

We’re so grateful for our time in New Zealand. Thank you to our families for love and seemingly endless generosity. Thank you to St Aiden’s, St Barnabas, Sumner, and our home church St Tims for taking us in and allowing us to be a part of you for a time. Thank you New Zealand for your hills, beaches and streams. We’ll miss you. And Thank you to God, who's been in all of the above and more, refreshing us and guiding us to new ideas.

St Philip Hospital

For a long time now, Bishop Johnson of Northern Uganda held a vision for a hospital at the Anglican base. The building has been half built for a while, but there’s a long way to go, and the plan has stagnated. When I shared the situation in New Zealand, many people encouraged me to push for the much needed mini-hospital. The possibility of working as a doctor there, and helping set a mission culture there is also really exciting. Some individuals and churches have generously given already and my old school Christ’s College have generously offered to give half their lenten appeal to the project. We pray the building will come to fruition soon!

Relationship course

Our good friends Sam and Aloyo fell in love at 20 years old. Aloyo got pregnant too young, but they desperately wanted to make the relationship work for them and their kid. Yet after three years and many challenges including lack of work and living in different cities, they separated. This is be a recurrent story here, with relationships falling apart quickly, despite good intentions and the presence of the love of God and each other. God’s nudged us to see how we can work with young people too. We plan to adapt the Alpha marriage course, join with a couple who already have a good relationship, and see what we can do.


We send this update seven days after touching down. The last week has been full of energy and positive interactions. Jetlag is minimal, and work has started well (more on that soon). We went to Wednesday Bible study and it seems in better shape than we left it. Keep in touch, and we'll put up some blog posts soon at!


Please pray for:
1) Our friend Isaac, who lost everything when his hut burnt down. We want to help him get a new computer which is the key to his livelihood - contact us if you're keen to help.
2) Tessa's community organising group "Wakonye Kenwa," as their activity ramps up again
3) The youth at our church St Catherine's. Something special seems to be happening, with lots of new young people and a great energy.