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Open home

We've talked a lot about discipleship here lately, and rightly so. It's a pretty important topic, especially since many young adults feel like they've never really experienced intentional, sincere discipleship. Plus Jesus seemed to think it was pretty important - it was his answer for all the problems of the world! (Matthew 28:19-20)

But here's the thing. If you're like me, you don't feel you have things sorted out enough to offer much. We'll all be familiar with the thoughts: "I'm not spiritual enough. ""I'm not deep enough." "I don't know enough." "I just not disciple-making material."

A month ago I was telling God how I don't feel deep enough to have much to give (...whatever that actually means). Yes, I've grown in my faith over the years, and yes, I'm willing to say that I have something to offer. Yet, I guess buried somewhere in my heart is the belief that only spiritual elites can really make a true and lasting difference. I may have something to offer, but with a world (and church) with so much need, we need the heros of the faith to be discipling people - like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, the Apostle Paul, [insert the faith-heros you look up to]. They're the ones 'qualified' to be forming disciples.

Sometimes wisdom is knowing when to close your mouth. So I did. And I started to listen. And God spoke.

What I felt him saying was beautifully simple:

It's not about 'being more,' about 'having more to offer,' but about opening your home and opening your lives. It's not about having a whole lot to offer, but about offering what you do have. Start with what you have, and more will be given. Depth always comes AS you pour out, not as you wait until your ready to be poured out. 

I may not be all I want to be. I may have a long way to go in my journey with God (which is a never-ending journey anyway!). I may have much to learn, much to see, much to live out and experience. But I am able to open a door!

It's easy to complicate discipleship, but I think one of the keys of the whole thing is to just make space to be with people. And sometimes that's as simple as opening your door.


As we're heading towards Christmas ask yourself this: What can you do to make your life more open to others, creating space for others to learn and grow?

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