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Opening St Philip Mini-Hospital

It seems there are 'wins' all round for Nick and Tessa Laing. You've just seen the amazing progress Tessa's group has made in bringing new alcohol regulations to their region. Nick has also been hard at work as you'll see in this video.

As part of our Bishop’s seven years on the job celebration, we officially opened the monstrous 25 room St Philip mini-hospital. Some people, schools and churches reading this article gave money to this cause so a huge thank you. In the video above you can get a glimpse of the outcome!

Important people were everywhere. The Minister of Primary Healthcare was supposed to open it, but in her absence the minister of foreign affairs did the honours instead. He even made a comment about the Christchurch earthquake! Tessa videod my mini-speech. I was supposed to get 2 minutes but I was cut to 30 seconds due to time constraints.


To see some more photos from the event click here.

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