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Orientation to a new culture

It feels like we've been here forever, so much has happened the first 2 weeks even though we are taking it 'slow'! My feet are enjoying their release from the confines of sneakers and I haven't had to wear a jersey once! We had a great transitioning couple of days with Kirstin's aunty, a kiwi who married a Fijian, and she had some really good tips for how to become a part of their culture. As far as cities go Suva is quite beautiful with heaps of green, lovely bushy bits to walk and hills. The locals we've met from the churches we'll be having quite a lot to do with are lovely, so warm and welcoming and ... they are incredible cooks! Curries, traditional lovo (like our hangi), tropical fruit, freshly baked bread - we've been utterly spoilt!

So far we've just been doing orientation - getting our bearings, learning how to use buses, meeting heaps of people, going to various church services and worship nights. We spent three days with an Aussie team who've come to train people in how to share their faith. That's been a bit scary with on the job training involving wandering into town and talking to real-live people!

We said good-bye to Kirstin on Friday so are now officially 'on our own' in the depths of Fiji. Our grief over her departure was slightly lessened by being joined by a youth team from Shirley in Christchurch. We tagged along on trips to villages, a childrens home, serving breakfast to people on the streets. All these experiences have challenged me quite deeply. As we visited the villages I was shocked by how people who had so little honoured us with so much. It didn't sit very well with me that they potentially used a good chunk of their resources - fish caught that day, chickens, veges - to feed us. How do I graciously receive what they offer when I know it comes at such a sacrifice? These are people who live everyday with the question: will I catch enough to survive today? Yet they were so gracious and thankful for what they had. Pretty convicting!

I love how community orientated people are over here. How people are so ready to have a good time together, to get up and dance and sing. One person starts dancing and suddenly the whole village is up and boogieing - a good experience for us reserved kiwis!

We've just started our first six week placement at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Suva. I'm still a bit unsure about what we'll be doing. I think we'll have a bit to do with the kindy and school which the church oversees, lead some devotions, run the book stall at the church bazaar on Friday. Basically we're up for anything! The priest in charge is great, a real hard case with heaps of experience and wisdom too. He's almost like a Dad to us, and in fact will be for at least a week as we are all being hosted by him and his family. Which brings me to a prayer request. At this stage we were all meant to be hosted by different families but Kristy is a bit under the weather so we've all been taken in under the priests wing. Please pray for recovery of energy for Kristy and for healing - that her cold won't transition into something more serious.

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