Jamie and Lily Sommerville

Jamie and Lily Somerville are exper­i­enced mis­sion­ar­ies, having served in Thai­l­and for 10 years, dis­cip­ling young people. After return­ing to NZ to com­plete theo­lo­gical edu­ca­tion and English study, they are pre­par­ing to head back to Thai­l­and with NZCMS where they will con­tinue to serve with Empower­asia, an organ­isa­tion that dis­ciples young people for future Chris­tian lead­er­ship in their com­munit­ies. Lily will serve by dis­cip­ling young people in the local churches, while Jamie will focus on sup­port­ing Empower­asia min­is­tries across South­east Asia. Jamie and Lily share a desire to empower indi­gen­ous young people by sup­port­ing them through edu­ca­tion as well as walking along­side them in their faith journey. 

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