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“People are practically running forward for prayer!” NZCMS Maori Evangelist Says

NZCMS’ evangelist to Māori, Rev. Hauoterangi (Howard) Karaka, has been busy. During this year, and even during times of lockdown, God has opened up many opportunities to reach out to others with God’s love and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just in the last month, Howard has had the opportunity to lead and minister at five funerals and three unveilings (unveilings are a ceremony held one year after a person passed away).

“Due to this wonderful ministry of evangelism," Howard said, " I have had the opportunity to lead five people to salvation on the marae and at their homes and also see six re-commitments of faith to God.”   

From this group of people, six of these families are now attending the church that Howard leads, Hoani Tapu Anglican Church in Drury, South Auckland. The pews are filling! The worship has been powerful and large numbers are stepping forward for prayer every Sunday.   

“If I was to describe the experience,” Howard says, “I would say many people are practically running forward for prayer!”  

Howard shared about one couple who walked away from church a long time ago. Their marriage came under significant spiritual attack, and they separated for many years.   

“The husband was suicidal not long after leaving the church,” Howard said. “He and his wife then separated as he turned back to drinking and anything else he thought would take away the pain. Now it is so encouraging to see them both reaching out for support, prayer, fellowship and rededicating their lives back to God and each other.”  

Howard also shared that he led a gang member to the Lord during lockdown. This young man is now attending church regularly and attending a discipleship program. 

We invite you to continue praying for Howard and his wife Gladys as they pastorally care for and disciple those in their parish and continue the work of evangelism in South Auckland. Pray that God would continue to open springs of healing and transformation at Hoani Tapu Church and that God would open more and more opportunities for Māori to hear the Gospel.  

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Rev. Howard Karaka, Maori Evangelist

5 thoughts on ““People are practically running forward for prayer!” NZCMS Maori Evangelist Says

  1. All praise and glory to the Father from whom all blessings flow. Thank you for sharing this news, Howard. It has brought great encouragement.

  2. Howard it is exciting seeing lives changed and transformed by the power of God revival is happening.

    1. Amen! Brent ; God is Good, all the time he is Good.
      It is so exciting brother seeing people having a hunger for change and transformation.
      The Holy Spirit is always active we just have to move with the call …Amen.
      Blessings Brent.

  3. Thank you for sharing this encouraging news Howard. May God continue to bless you in this ministry

    1. Praise God Hazel, I am blessed that you have been encouraged ” God Is Good “.

      Blessings Hazel & praying for your ministry.

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