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Prayer and Praise in Spain

It's been so good to think more about prayer over the last wee while. Lindsey (my new flatmate!) and I have begun to walk and pray together; the Women of the church are praying more together; and recently my team met with a man in another part of the country to learn about a type of cultural, spiritual and historical research that would aid us in praying more intentionally and specifically for people and places here. Prayer is still something I'm learning how to live out here, but I keep being reminded and seeing that God works incredibly powerfully through the prayers of his people.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


I'm really thankful to be settled into a new flat. It's in a central part of the city so there are plenty of tourists walking around with cameras and lots of noise from live music in the Plaza (the town square) and people drinking Cider outside the restaurants. This region is famous for its apple cider.

Praise God that university has been really good this semester. I'm still learning a lot of new things in Spanish and being refreshed on lots. There are so many tenses to learn! My classes are a really nice mix of nationalities and it's been fun hanging out with people after class.

Prayer & Praise!
New Flat: I'm really thankful for the new flat and for Lindsey. There's been a lot of changes for me here the last few months but God has been faithful and provided in many ways.
Church Women: The Women of the church continue to be a big encouragement to me. I'm thankful for my church family here and for their thirst to know God deeply.
Uni: I'm thankful for this semester and the bunch of students I study with. Pray for them that they would seek for more out of life than just their studies.
Summer plans: Pray for planning for Summer. I finish Uni in May and would like to have some plans in place for June-August. Pray for wisdom in planning and to be able to rest and find peace in the unknown.
Church training: Give thanks for the eight weeks of training I've just finished doing with a group from church. We've looked at God's part and out part in Discipleship Making and encouraging each other as we live transparent lives as Christians in our communities. Pray that we will live out what we have learnt.

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  1. That’s neat and really encouraging, thanks for sharing Katie! Praying for you!

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