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Rain, Drought and Dudus

There’s only four months to go until Iri is back from Kondoa.

While we were Skyping recently he complained that the rain was so, so heavy that he could hardly hear me. Unfortunately that rain was isolated and too late as most of the crops have already died before reaching maturity. Iri says that the drought conditions are serious which means a poor harvest ahead and hungry people in the coming months. The maize which the Bible School had purchased earlier and held in store have been attacked by ‘dudus’ (insects) during the holidays, so in an effort to save it from total destruction by these bugs, the sacks were taken quickly to the grinding machine once the problem was discovered. Sadly less than half of the maize was able to be rescued. Please pray for the food situation in the Kondoa region.

Another prayer point is for permanent staff at the Bible School. Not many teachers want to live and work three and a half hours north of the capital, Dodoma, in an area where few share our beliefs. Iri is making do with three teachers who come from the Diocese of Central Tanganyika for a week at a time and teach block courses, returning the next month to pick up where they left off. Not the ideal learning situation but it was through the support of the new Bishop of DCT, Dr Dickson Chilongani, that this assistance was made possible. His predecessor, Bishop Mdimi, was most supportive of the Diocese of Kondoa so it is indeed a blessing to think that this support will continue.

The School reopened mid- February and new students were welcomed although they had come without fees or food. That they felt called to come and study and go out to serve the Lord is blessing enough. Some come with a shirt and a pair of trousers, shoes but no socks, a bucket and if possible, a Bible.