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Reflections and responses to March 15 attacks

After the attacks that Christchurch and its Muslim community experienced, there has been a need to process all that this attack means for the future. And, perhaps more importantly, it has brought up many questions for how we, as New Zealand Christians, should respond.

Nick Laing is a CMS Mission Partner in Uganda and has written on how we can respond to Jacinda Ardern's slogan "This is not us" in a balanced and honest way that will continue to deepen our conversations. To read his article, click here.

Rosie Fyfe was a Mission Partner with CMS for a number of years in Egypt and is now partnering with us as our Intercultural Communities Enabler based in Wellington. She has a unique perspective on how we can build bridges with our Muslim brothers and sisters and she hopes her article will be an extra resource for you as you reflect on what you can do. Click here to read her article.

We pray that these insights will be helpful to you and will continue to deepen the conversations and actions that need to happen following the events of the last couple of weeks.

God bless.