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Remembering Stewart Entwistle

Stewart Entwistle passed away early morning Sunday March 19. He was deeply loved by many, particularly within the NZCMS family. The following are some reflections on Stewart's life from long time friend and fellow NZCMS Mission Partner Keith Mitchell:

Stewart qualified as a medical laboratory technician analysing samples sent in by doctors from all over Christchurch. As a committed Christian he used his gifts in a wide variety of areas of service, including managing the NZCMS Bookshop on Manchester Street from 1965 while their children were little.

He and Patricia went to South Asia in 1978 at a time when church leadership was more and more in the hands of locals. He worked closely with the Rt. Rev. Bashir Jiwan, the newly appointment Bishop of the region. Stewart was a wonderful help to the bishop as he fitted into his new role, giving advice in such a way that it was closely considered before decisions were made.

While the Entwistles were back in New Zealand from 1983 to 1989 Stewart managed a number of Christian bookshops in Christchurch. He and Patricia were then welcomed back to South Asia in 1989 where Stewart became the administrator at the Kunri Christian Hospital, again a post needing much tact as overseas doctors and nurses learned to work together with local colleagues.

When they returned to New Zealand in 1993, this time for good, Stewart worked very closely with Patricia to start the Te Waiora Healing Centre at Hororata, a place where many people find healing and renewal. Stewart also continued working closely with the NZCMS team over the 24 years since his return. He spent a bit of time in the NZCMS office going through missionary correspondence files to summarise, for the first time, the contribution individuals made to Christian outreach around the world.


The following are some additional comments from Steve Maina, the NZCMS National Director.

Stewart supported the staff team at NZCMS immensely, especially me in my role as National Director. He popped into the office regularly and had a few jokes about coming to catch a few of the 'melons' falling from the National Director’s many ideas. Stewart was also a walking encyclopaedia of NZCMS Mission Partners. He helped  manage the NZCMS archives. 

He will be remembered as a pillar of mission for NZCMS for many years to come.


At Stewart's request a small private family funeral will be held.

10 thoughts on “Remembering Stewart Entwistle

  1. I only remember meeting him once but had contact by email when we bought Compass Trust goodies many years ago now. Always found him great to deal with.
    RIP Stewart

  2. I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Stewart in the very early 1960’s when we were fellow Anglican students at the Bible College of New Zealand (now Laidlaw College), after which our lives took us in very different directions, but wonderfully meeting up once again in the last few years as supporters of the CMS national Office in Christchurch, with a joint shared interest in CMS archival records. Stewart did a huge amount of work in his quiet way in this area and his work will live on for generations to come. “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”…

    Peter Hallinan

  3. We met Stuart when our church was involved with Compass Trust and we sold coffee and scarves from Thailand, Kunri Kraft items and many other things which went to support Missions – he was wonderful to work with, so helpful and understanding and patient. He used his gifts well and was faithful. We send our condolences to his family.

  4. We found Stewart to be an inspiration, unfailingly cheerful and good humoured – always with a word of encouragement and a twinkle in his eye. His work with Compass Trust was entrepreneurial and help to put CMS on the map in NZ for many people. We remember him with fondness and affection. Our love and greetings to all the family.

  5. Gracious, wam, caring, listening, laughing, wise, peace maker, advisor, inspiration, time giver, prayerful, community hearted, encourager. Thanks Stewart for sharing your gifts with so many.

  6. Stewart was always an inspiration! His energy and his depth of missionary experience and Christian wisdom was encouraging. A wonderful man supporting New Zealand mission! He comes from a generation when so many people were fired up for mission… Bless him and Patricia…

  7. To be part of NZCMS was to be a member of Stewart’s “family”. His “welcome home” to us even though we had been ‘strangers’ mattered so much to us in a ‘foreign’ city and so we were welcomed each time we returned. The sense of being loved in the family will remain with us. Be with our Saviour, good and faithful servant.

  8. Our time in South Asia overlapped with Stewart and Patricia’s just briefly, but Stewart made a real impression. This impression was reinforced many times over the years while on leave and home service and most recently while I have been on NZCMS Council. I found Stewart always positive and encouraging, and his comments and advice came from a deep spiritual maturity and were always well worth listening to. Stewart went out of his way to encourage me as a new Chairperson of NZCMS Council and presented to me a number of newly published books on the latest thinking on mission and which I value still. I know that Stewart’s support in the NZCMS office has been greatly appreciated over many years. Stewart will be missed, yet we rejoice knowing he is with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  9. I think of Stewart as areal Christian gentleman. A people person who always ready to give a warm welcome.
    When he was recording oral histories of returned missionaries for the CMS archives I have have fond memories of his patience and the time he spent with both Alan and me (separately and together) questioning and recording our ministry in Singapore.

  10. Our wonderful friend and colleague, always encouraging, helping in so many ways, Stewart and Patricia as Ma-Bap or Papa-Ji to the South Asian staff, and older Brother to us who were ‘missahibs’. I thank God for every remembrance of Stewart, including the research and sensitivity he put into recording and writing so much of the NZCMS history in the region; thanks for my ‘Diary’. We’ll miss your presence and humour; but ‘thanks be to God’ for the eternal Hope we have in Christ.
    jocelyn and mary – your doctor-sisters.

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