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Sad and Glad times in the Philippines

Our news is both sad and glad.


Our Bible College students graduated a couple of months ago. Congratulations to them all! I'm especially excited for Charles - he cant stop smiling! He was always clever to escape jobs; he's a bit of an 'escape artist.' But up north, during his placement, he found he had to cook ... and do the marketing .. and fetch and carry water ... and then help with church building repairs! The congregation grew to love him and they all want him back. So that's where he is going! What a changed person.


A couple of months ago our long-time faithful senior staff, Pastor Manny Masangkay, went to be with Jesus after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Since coming to Bible College as a young man he had been with us 34 years. He was married and had a grandchild.

His parents and 10 siblings were all once involved in a cult. He steadfastly prayed for them to be set free and all but one escaped. His two brothers are now pastors and his father has a jail ministry which he still goes to every Sunday, even though he's now 91.

Manny got his Bachelor of Theology but showed himself to be very good in practical work, which is why he became our Maintenance Manager. He helped oversee all our seven buildings being built or renovated. He had an amazing creativity. His suggestion would often be totally different from others yet very good. He had a good eye for colour and design.

During the three day and night vigil for Manny, his casket sat on our Cover Court where he loved to play basketball. We will miss him greatly!


Pray for Manny's family and all of us at CBM as we continue to mourn his death.

Pray for a good second hand Toyota car for our big trips to Manila (such as airport runs to fetch visitors or important meetings).

My back pain is much reduced though I'm walking like a duck! Hopefully next month it'll be like a giraffe! Thank you for praying.