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September’s Missional Movements

While excited by Anna Tovey’s potential in the long-term, the Mission Personnel Committee felt that it would be good for Anna to acquire some more training and experience in Counselling and Drug Rehab work before transferring that into the African context. She is presently doing a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies based in Auckland and will be getting practical experience as a part of the course.

Katie leaves for Europe early in September. After spending a week or so with a supporting church in the UK she will go to Gijón, Spain where she will join the Pioneers (Spain) team. Katie hopes to be able to live with a Spanish family and will be getting into language study as soon as she arrives.

Anne and Anthony McCormick will be returning to Cambodia early in September to take on new roles at the Handa Hospital in Battambang.  Both will be setting up new departments within the hospital. Anne will set up a low-key handcraft and occupational therapy department, using handcraft as a platform to assist patients’ psychological and physical recovery. Anthony will set up and lead a small team supporting patients, especially as they re-integrate into their communities following their hospital stay.

Cliff and Irene Studman will return to New Zealand in early October after spending nearly six months at St John’s University in Tanzania.