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It is the time of year for snakes!

I was off to babysit some friends' boys for the morning. As I pulled up to their house I was greeted with cries of “Do ya wanna see our snake?” Well I knew they used to have a pet snake but this was a whole different kind… The poisonous kind… Luckily it was already dead, 'cos that was one long snake and I was glad it had already been given the death blow before I was in charge! But of course once the danger was gone I was happy to pose for a photo as if I was the brave dispatcher.

Last week David, one of my pharmacy technicians was leaving the pharmacy on his way to lunch and saw something slithering across the concrete and went to investigate. In the corner of the stones that surround the garden area was an Echis (the deadly snake that we had trouble getting anti-venom for when the hospital opened). There were a whole row of patients waiting for their medicines outside the Pharmacy only a meter away, totally unaware that this deadly creature had crept up behind them. David poked his head in the Pharmacy window and asked for something to kill a snake and we gave him the only thing that we thought would work, a short square stick of wood that holds the window shut at night. With a few deft blows the snake was mortally wounded and writhing on the ground and David was on his way to lunch again (after I made him bleach the “Snake Killer” stick).


Here's the complete image from above: