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Update from Anna

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A couple of months ago I met with the NZCMS Mission Personnel Committee for my interview for long term mission service. The meeting resulted with NZCMS putting some further recommendations to me in regards to preparation for heading back overseas. They felt it would be advisable for me to do some basic training in counselling and addiction studies here in New Zealand before launching into my Masters in Kenya. They also suggested I get some practical experience in the field especially working with women. I also brought up the need to have some personal counselling to deal with my fear of failure that I have found has hindered me many times from taking on responsibilities and using my gifts to my full potential.

With these recommendations in mind I am taking the following 10 months to work on achieving these goals. I have begun a course through the Wellington Institute of Technology (based at their Auckland campus) called a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies. Currently I am doing four papers which will take me until early November this year. I will then complete the final two papers next year between March and June. As part of the course I do have a practical component to complete but I am also hoping to volunteer in an agency further to this course experience.  I believe that all I am hoping to achieve in this time will make me much more prepared for heading to Kenya in the future.

It would be amazing if you could pray for me as I work towards achieving these goals and seek to continue being moulded by God for his further work in my life. Although I am not formally with NZCMS during this interim time I am grateful for their informal support and encouragement. They have also been kind enough to allow anyone still willing to support me financial to do so through them. We hope to review my progress sometime early next year and I do pray that God willing I can then move forward to going to St Andrew’s Hall and then on to Kenya after my Certificate is complete.


Thank you so much for your support!

Home Again

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It’s hard to believe but after a year away I arrived back in New Zealand just over a week ago! To be honest it was with mixed feelings! There was the excitement of seeing family and friends again but also the sadness of knowing I am away from other friends and those I consider family.

On my recent holiday in Croatia I unpacked and put everything in the cupboards at each place I stayed even though the longest stay was three nights. My friend Angi asked me why I felt it necessary to do this when she just lived out of her suitcase. On reflection I decided that maybe it was my way of making the place where I was staying home for those few nights.

As someone who has traveled a lot and lived in different places home really is where I find myself. Of course I do also have specific places I call home – I am currently up to the count of four countries that I consider ‘home’: Home 1 is New Zealand, Home 2 is England, Home 3 is Romania and my most recent home (Home 4) is Kenya. I feel blessed to consider each of these countries home: they each hold a special place of significance in my heart. And this year I have had the amazing privilege to spend time in each of these homes.

Ironically my birth home New Zealand is the place I feel least at home. Despite my deep love for New Zealand it is not a place I like to live in and I am always itching to head away again! Most of my friends have realised this: commenting on a recent post on Facebook where I had said I would be home soon a friend asked “but for how long?!!!” A good question indeed! At this stage God alone knows! I am in a period of waiting – waiting to see how the future will unfold and what God’s plans are for me. I am in the process of applying to be a long term mission partner with my mission organisation NZCMS. While I wait I reflect again on home and think about what it says in Hebrews: “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” (NLT)

I thank God for my many homes and most importantly I thank God I have found my home in Him!