Introducing Chelsea

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We’re delighted to introduce to you Chelsea, our latest NZCMS Mission Intern.

Kia Ora! I’m Chelsea and I’m super stoked to be interning with NZCMS as I prepare to head off to Africa for three months, two of those living in rural Uganda with NZCMS Mission Partners Nick and Tessa!

A little bit about me: I’m a born and raised Cantab and am in my first year of Uni. A huge passion of mine is to see people have an equal shot at life and learn how absolutely LOVED they are by God. I’m heading over to Uganda because I love travel, because I’ve always wanted to go there, for the rich culture. But the major reason for me is to challenge and grow my faith. To learn what life is like for others and learn how they remain with such strong hope and faith even in some pretty rough circumstances. So yeah I’m just super stoked to be on a journey of learning lots and lots!

Please be praying for Chelsea as she prepares for the twists and turns of the journey ahead.

Haerenga Update

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At the start of this year we announced that the Haerenga Mission Internship wouldn’t be running in 2015. At first we were quite disappointed by this, but we quickly realised that God had given us an amazing opportunity to review our internship and consider its future. After many discussions, interviews and surveys we realised that we had been trying to do two things with Haerenga: offer a gap year that focused on missional discipleship, and offer a purposeful mission internship.

As it turns out, it’s hard to offer both of these in one package. That’s why we’re launching two pathways, one focused on grass-roots missional discipleship and one focused on cross-cultural mission equipping. We’re still working out the details for the discipleship pathway, but this revised Haerenga Mission Internship will be for those a little further down the missional journey who want to seriously explore cross-cultural mission in a supportive environment. Much like an apprenticeship, interns are placed under the care of experienced missionaries and ‘learn the trade’ through a hands on, guided experience typically lasting 3 – 6 months. Interns will be equipped to live missionally within their callings, whether that’s pursuing a vocation back in NZ or a life of overseas mission.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Jon (