Two Camps

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I want to thank God and thank you for your prayer and support that came in for both our recent camps. They were amazing! About 70 children attended our Hebron Children’s Camp, and right from the start there was a sense of peace and happiness! (I can assure you this doesn’t always happen!).

When I looked at the food scrap bucket the first night, it was totally empty. They ate everything! When they had games, they were all so happy. They didn’t mind who won or who lost! (I can assure you this does not always happen!).

This year about 40 of those who came were first-time campers and they all made a commitment to Jesus. About 30 were campers who had been before, and they made renewed commitments. God touched everybody as we had prayed. I was able to ask a few children after the camp’s closing about their experience – they had enjoyed everything. One older girl said God showed her to be more obedient at home – the stories were on Joseph. Another girl said that God had healed her of a heart condition. A smaller boy said God had changed his life, but he could not explain in what way! I saw a pastor’s son (he’s about 11) sitting at the back during Holy Spirit night and explaining to another boy exactly what was going on. His parents were so pleased to hear about that later.

We have just finished the camp for disabled people as well. Probably about 60 came. It was a bit quiet to start with, partly because we had been hoping for more people to come. But on the next day, wow what a change. It was lovely to see the people with disabilities feeling free to be themselves and share with each other what is on their hearts. They had so much fun and laughter too. The thalidomide boy with no lower arms or lower legs could run. A wheelchair user man was not embarrassed to crawl to the swimming pool – he enjoyed it so much. One woman shared later that she knew about this camp but felt it was beneath her to attend. But she came and and so enjoyed it and was refreshed spiritually too.


Communications update and CMS Kids

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Thank you all for a fantastic year of supporting NZCMS. And thank you for your patience as we’ve made changes to parts of our communications. This has enabled us to engage a wider range of people and churches. We’re starting to see growing momentum across the Society, with increasing numbers engaging with our content and getting more serious about local and global mission. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about! So thank you again for the part you’ve played.

We’ve also been exploring ways to become more ‘family-friendly,’ wanting to engage the youngest members of the NZCMS clan. We’re putting together a little gift for families with children to help young ones learn something about God’s world and our mission. If you have kids between 4 and 14, please email and let us know (along with their name/s, year of birth and gender) so we can send you something early in the new year.


Christmas blessings!

African kids see themselves for the first time

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This is a group of Standard One kids outside the Primary School classrooms of Bishop Stanway Primary School. It’s only about 500 m (less than half a mile) north of Msalato Bible College where I worked. I would visit the school regularly to teach Standard Seven songs for their graduation (in English), to teach the youngest children Songs in English, to play outside games that Kiwi preschoolers love and to research Standard Two children for my American friend to know how best to begin a Penpal type arrangement.

These kids were under a tree waiting for the other classes to finish at 2.30pm. I took a photo of them and they were so excited, then with my movie camera I shot them (without them knowing).